African Music and Culture

African Music

We promote African Music and its composers in the Western World. We believe that African music should continue to have the same recognition around the world as any music from Germany, Italy or any other non-English speaking country. We also want the lost tribe of the African people to enjoy the beauty of African culture through music, drama and dancing. African Music and Culture is beautiful and unique in every way and everyone, irrespective of where they come from deserves to enjoy and appreciate it.

We are currently gearing up to present the first of its kind, a musical concert tagged ‘A Journey to Africa’ that will take the people of the city of New York through a unique musical journey to Africa. This year, a vast majority of music and dancing will be focusing on Nigeria. Nigeria happens to be a multi-ethnic and linguistically diversified nation with many tribes and cultures as well as languages. 

There are 520 languages in Nigeria, which are unique and different in every way. We will be exploring a few of their culture and music which will reflect language, dressing, and dancing. In Africa, these cultural traits vary from country to country and from culture to culture, and we aim to present this mesmerizing diversity on the American stages. We are a passionate and experienced African Music concert organizers.